Purple Camoflauge Dog Harness


Purple camo True Timber MC2 dog strap harness features an optional leash and seat belt. The fabric is a heavy weight cotton blend, which makes care simple. The harness sizes are measured by the girth (the largest part of the dog around the belly):

Small - 12"-20" and 5/8" wide

Medium - 18"-28" and 5/8" wide

Large - 20"-34" and 1" wide

The leashes are approximately 5' long and feature a swivel hook to prevent tangling.

Small is 5/8" wide

Medium is 3/4" wide

Large is 1" wide

The seat belt is designed to prevent distractions to the driver of the car only. This should ONLY be used with a harness and NEVER a collar. These have not been tested for velocity of accidents and therefore are not guaranteed safety in the event of an accident.  It is only designed to keep a busy dog still during a trip.

It is also hand made with all alloy metal, including the adjuster - there is no plastic. These are also adjustable from 25"- 44" long and 1" wide.

All items are handmade, if you need a more custom size then send a message and we'll see what we can do!

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10% of all proceeds are donated to the local SPCA

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